Church History

The Christian church is a company of believers baptized on a profession of faith in Christ; united in covenant for worship, and for such service, as the gospel requires; recognizing and accepting Christ as their supreme lord and lawgiver. Taking his word as their only and sufficient rule of faith and practice in all matters of conscience and religion.

Some forty-four years ago, September 16, 1962 St. Mark Baptist Church was organized under the Rev. M.l. Louis. Fourteen people met in the home of rev. & sis. Louis to make up the congregation and to except the challenge of starting a new church. Regular church service was held each Sunday at the Veterans Memorial building, 444 Alabama St., prayer, mission, usher meetings and choir rehearsals were held in member’s homes. The church grew in membership, financially and spiritually.

The present property was purchased in March 1965. On May 2, 1965, a march and dedication service was held with the theme “We’ve come this far by faith”. In May 1968, Rev. Louis went to his heavenly home for eternal rest.

Rev. Edmond Johnson, who was the Associate Pastor, was elected Pastor and he provided leadership until May 1972 striving for St. Mark to be God’s light in the community.

In December 1972, Rev. Herbert Bell became Pastor and under his leadership, the church membership grew rapidly and vastly spiritually and financially. With his leadership, the mortgage was burned at our third homecoming service in January 1980. After 16 years of service, Rev. Bell resigned in March 1988.

On April 23, 1989 Rev. Charles A. Brown was installed as Pastor. Under his leadership, St Mark continues to grow in membership, financially and spiritually teaching that Christ loved the church and gave himself for it and that Christ is the head of the body, the church. Under his guidance, we continue to have strong auxiliaries, the Pulpit staff, the Deacon board, Deaconess board, Mothers board, Usher board, Trustee board, a dynamic spirit filled Choir, the Mission, the Women’s dept. and then add the Building Fund department, our great Children’s department, the Prayer Warriors, the Sunday school, weekly Bible classes, the Pastor’s Aid department and Consecration services. Many material goals also, have been accomplished, such as the purchase of additional property, two church vans, Baptism pool, and the modular building.

There is still plenty to do, but with the Holy Spirit and a body of believers in unity with Christ-like conduct we can do all things. Our goal is to be the church that Christ is calling for.